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design "portfolio"

here's a nickel, kid//kill yr local alpha male//up the unixpunx

my name is seth and i like computers.

specifically computers that run some form of linux or bsd.

i'm also into punk politics, diy ethic, music, iconoclasm/anachronism, anarcho/communist theory, small thinkpads, small keyboards, small bikes (bmx), small structures, 'ricing' (but not that term) and design (systems and graphic). i currently do ALL of my digital layout work in GIMP (and subsequently, mostly work in black and white- though i think this has pushed me not to rely on as many specialized tools).

i'm really not into money, meat, monoculture, alliteration (alas), right-libertarianism, racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, and anybody who refers to women as 'females'.

i currently live outside of honolulu, hawaii, but i have spent a lot of time in the pacific northwest, the netherlands and the sf bay area.

i married the love of my life in 2018 and i live with her and our two dogs, moose and debbie.

i get paid to deploy, improve and manage linux servers in the cloud on behalf of my employer's customers, as well as develop new revenue streams. please don't tell them i'm anticapitalist.

i speak bash, postgresql, tcp/ip, 'unix', a little perl, and i have a good handle on a handful of other interpreted languages. for a more detailed look, check out my resume.

i'm a big fan of implementing the unix philosophy in computing. my beard is invisble.

generally speaking, i'm into a lot of specific shit that i don't usually like explaining to people who either don't already get it or don't care enough to at least take the ball and run with it.

some music i like includes textbook traitors, la quiete, raein, pretend, pre-2000s modest mouse, ekkaia, tragedy, his hero is gone, pageninetynine, marrow, comptroller, alpinist, svffer, charles mingus, dude ranch-era blink 182, and all types of ill shit.

genre-wise, catch me with that skramz, emo, glum stuff, neocrust, grind, powerviolence, non-masturbatory mathy stuff, jazz and a certain type of pop punk.

i've also been in a handful of bands throughout my life, including but surely not limited to torero, connoisseur, i am sorry (forthedeclineofcivilisation), LICE, itallreturnstonothing and søøn.

i play the drums. i also pretend to play guitar and bass, and i've done vocals in a handful of bands as well.