"here's a nickel, kid"

my name is seth and i like computers.

specifically computers that run some descendent of unix.

i'm also into playing music, political theory, small keyboards and design (systems and graphic).

my partner, two dogs and i currently live outside of honolulu, hawaii, but i have spent a lot of time in the pacific northwest, the netherlands and the sf bay area.

i get paid to deploy, improve and manage linux servers in the cloud on behalf of my employer & their customers, as well as develop new products.

i speak bash, postgresql, tcp/ip, 'unix', python, a little perl, and i have a good handle on a handful of other interpreted languages. for a more detailed look, check out my résumé.

i'm a big fan of implementing the unix philosophy in computing.

when it comes to music, i'm mostly into neocrust, skramz, fastcore, 2000s pop punk, 90s east coast hardcore hiphop, techstep/darkstep and sad/slow stuff.

as far as reading goes, i like neal stephenson, haruki murakami, robert jordan, brandon sanderson, william gibson, jane mayer, brian jacques (eulaliaaaaa!) and, of course, tolkien.

i love watching buffy/angel, letterkenny, trailer park boys, desperate housewives, friday night lights, comedy bang bang and bad procedurals like criminal minds and ncis. my favorite movies are hackers, bill and ted's excellent adventure and the matrix.

one of my favorite hobbies is pinball. unfortunately i don't get to play very often on oahu, but i look for machines everytime i travel off-island.

currently, i play drums in ten things i hate about you, SØØN and a couple of smaller projects.